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The Most Expensive Pokemon Cards - Scarlet & Violet 151 Edition

Written by Andrew

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The Pokemon 151 set is finally here! If, like us, you are itching to crack some packs, then you may be wondering what the most expensive Pokemon card is in this special set. Should you be screaming for joy at the sight of a Charizard? Which Charizard, and what else should you be looking to pull? 


We'll answer all this and more by looking at the current prices on all top marketplaces: TCGPlayer, Cardmarket, and Ebay. Please keep in mind that prices at release are very volatile and likely to change quickly. That being said, let's get straight into it!

Charizard EX #199

Ebay: $100

TCGPlayer: $118

Cardmarket: €75

Image of Charizard ex #199

Sitting on the throne is - you guessed it - Charizard ex. This Special Illustration Rare is head and shoulders above the rest of the set, and the only card to currently break 3 figures in value. The gentle and charming colour palette of oranges and purples is a sight to behold and, based on the current prices, it seems that people agree!

Erika's Invitation #203

Ebay: $60

TCGPlayer: $84

Cardmarket: €43

Image of Erika

Next on the list is Erika's Invitation (203/165). While this card is a lot pricier in the Japanese TCG, due to the infamous ‘waifu tax’, the English version is less sought after. Even so, it remains the 2nd most expensive card in the entire set, and still costs a pretty penny to get your hands on a copy.

Zapdos EX #202

Ebay: $70

TCGPlayer: $55

Cardmarket: €42

Image of Zapdos EX Full-Art #202

Soaring onto the list, we have one of our favourite artworks of the 151 set. The full-art Zapdos ex SIR features the aforementioned electric-type bird flying alongside its fellow legendary friends, Moltres and Articuno. Absolutely breath-taking and cool enough to set you back up to $70.

Venusaur EX #198

Ebay: $60

TCGPlayer: $42

Cardmarket: €27

Image of Venusaur EX #198

Our favourite giant toad is next, with a healthy price tag of up to $60 on Ebay. The colour scheme on this one is quite spectacular, and a must have for any Venusaur fans out there. Pulling this from a pack will definitely be a cause for celebration!

Blastoise EX #200

Ebay: $50

TCGPlayer: $44

Cardmarket: €31

Image of Blastoise EX #200

The list wouldn't be complete without the last of the big 3: Blastoise. This water turtle may be underwater but its price is anything but, sitting comfortably as one of the most in-demand cards in the set. 

Erika's Invitation #196

Ebay: $40

TCGPlayer: $48

Cardmarket: €18

Image of Erika

The second appearance of Erika on the list comes with the full-art illustration rare. Less popular than Erika #203 but, at $48 in her own right, Erika #196 is not exactly one for the bargain bin! 

Mew EX #193

Ebay: $30

TCGPlayer: $45

Cardmarket: €17

Image of Mew EX #193

With the current absense of the Special Illustration Mew from the English TCG (releasing with the UPC on October 6th), this Mew EX is the only Mew to make this list. How the other Mew will impact its price remains to be seen, but there is a good chance #193 remains the more valuable Mew due to how many copies of the UPC promos are likely to hit the market.

Would Be Happy To See!

$20 - $40

Image of Charizard EX #183
Image of Charmander #168
Image of Ivysaur #167 from Scarlet and Violet 151
Image of Alakazam #201 from Scarlet and Violet 151
Image of Golden Mew EX
Image of Bill

It is Rare central in the $20-$40 range. The incredible looking Alakazam #201, Ivysaur #167, and Bill's Transfer also make an appearance, as well as the first starter Pokemon in this article - Charmander.

Solid Hits


Image of Pikachu Illustration Rare from Pokemon 151
Image of Charmeleon #169
Image of Wartortle
Image of Venusaur #182
Image of Blastoise #184
Image of Giovanni

In our $15 - $20 range is a lot of the usual suspects, fan favourites such as Pikachu, along with the remainder of the starter evolution lines of lower rarity. Nothing to write home about, but still a good pack should one of these cards be pulled!


Well, there you have it, our picks for the most expensive Pokemon cards in the new Scarlet & Violet 151 English expansion. Monetary value aside, leave a comment and let us know what your personal chase card is! Thanks for reading, and if you're looking to pick up any of the 151 products then please consider visiting our collection of products here.

Mew disclaimer! The Mew SIR card is very valuable and rare in Japanese, but is a guaranteed UPC promo in the English release. We won't know for sure until after October 6th but it is unlikely to hold a high value. The same applies to the metal Mew promo exclusive to the English TCG; we have omitted them both from this list.

Image of Mew EX Full-Art Promo
Image of Mew EX Metal Promo
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