Refunds are available up until the day of release and can be requested by writing to with your name and order number. Refunds via Paypal will be minus the fee we paid to Paypal which is not refunded to us. 

Please be aware that refunds are handled through Shopify and can take up to 10 working days.


Shipping Times:

With most releases we receive the stock the day before release which gives us time to pack orders to dispatch for release day.

For MTG when we receive the stock earlier than this, we are not allowed to dispatch before the official release date due to rules set by Wizards of the Coast.

When we receive the stock on release day we work as fast as we can to dispatch as many orders as possible. How much we can get done highly depends on the time at which we receive the stock.


Allocations are possible and have been likely over the last year given the supply issues caused by the pandemic. We try our best not to over sell a pre-order product but it can be difficult to predict as we do not know how much stock we will get until it is ready to be shipped from our supplier.

Should we not have enough to fulfil all pre-orders, we will fulfil them in chronological order from the time they were placed. The best way to check if a product line is allocated will be on this page which we will keep up to date for all future releases.