Wizards Presents 2022

Magic the Gathering News!

We watched the hour long video so you don’t have to! Here are the highlights.

We knew LOTR was coming to Magic, we didn’t learn much new. It is a set, not just commander decks, that will be modern legal and draftable.

Also, 18 cards with ‘borderless scene cards’ art will form a scene.

As shown here, without the text, 18 cards creating the battle of pelennor fields.


MTG goes to Vegas for it’s birthday party. There they will host the 28th World championship, a bunch of side competitions and a modern tournament with the top 8 getting to do a BETA draft… neat.

Once again we got ‘new’ information about a product we already knew about. We are told to wait until the 7th October for more information, all we got was ‘there will be a themed Sol Ring’ in each deck. There will also be secret lairs from October 17th.

Now we are talking.

MTG collaborates with Dr.Who, a set of commander decks AND some collector boosters.

Not sure how this will work, but the art looks great and there is a heap of content that Wotc could use to make great cards. Super exciting.

We will also get a stand alone ‘Dominaria Remastered’ Set that is apparently formed of 27 sets from Magic’s history. We see here a few reprints that will be given new art and some classic frames.

Then our look ahead to the next 12 months. Dominaria United (see spoilers below) is followed by ‘The Brothers War’, which we knew about. Then we learnt that at the start of next year we get ‘Phyrxia, All Will Be One’ which is a dark and evil return to a plane filled with sadness. Should be nice and full of Norn. ‘March of the Machine’ and ‘March of the Machine - The Aftermath’ follow on to round out the Phyrexian Arc. Seems a bit ‘War of the Spark’ esk. It’s ELDRAINE TIME! More fairy tale nonsense. And finally, a return to Ixalan, with a treasure theme.

Now, Dominaria United spoilers:

We got both Commanders for the 2 decks, both seem fun and interesting, could be a nice combo:

Then the main set cards, enjoy and keep your eyes out for more. This is just a selection of a few, but many have been and will be spoilt over the next week or so: