MTG meets Cluedo at Karlov Manor! Similar to Jumpstart, simply shuffle together 2 Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Boosters and get playing. Solve the mystery first or be the last detective standing to win the game.

Each MTG: Murders at Karlov Manor - Ravnica Cluedo Edition Bundle contains:

  • 8 ready-to-play Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Boosters,
  • 1 Cluedo Booster containing 21 Evidence cards,
  • 1 Traditional Foil Shock Land Box Topper card,
  • 4 Hidden Info Screens,
  • 1 Evidence Notepad,
  • 1 Case File Envelope,
  • A sturdy card storage box

*This is a pre-order product with a 23rd February 2024 release date. Please place a separate order for available items and items with a different release date or they will be held until all items are available to be shipped together. Thank you!*

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