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Pokemon Advent Calendar - Is this the best festive Pokemon treat?

Written by Jon

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As we near the winter months, Pokemon TCG fans are getting treated to a Pokemon Advent Calendar for the second year running. With last year's box seen as a roaring success, the question is: will this one be just as good? We'll tell you everything you need to know in this short article, so let's get started!

What is the Pokemon Advent Calendar?

Pokemon Advent Calendar Box Images

Each year, The Pokemon Company produces a festive product in the build up to the winter holidays. For many, the act of opening an advent calendar is a yearly tradition, with most advent calendars containing chocolates or other sweet treats to enjoy, once a day, on the lead up to Christmas. Pokemon have taken this age-old concept but, instead of sugary snacks, have filled their festive box with 25 different Pokemon TCG themed items; the perfect alternative for the Poke-lover in your life!

What's inside the Pokemon Advent Calendar?

A traditional advent calendar has 25 doors to open and the Pokemon advent calendar is no different. Unlike chocolate, however, we have 25 Pokemon themed treats to feast your eyes on. The Pokemon Company have chosen to repeat the successful formulae from last year and provide a mixture of packs, promos and accessories to keep you guessing. So as to not spoil the fun and surprise of the contents, we have put all ‘spoiler’ images at the end of this article. If you want to see exactly which promos and packs you get, then scroll down and take a look!


  • 8 foil Pokemon TCG cards with a festive stamp

  • 5 Pokémon TCG booster packs 

  • 7 Pokémon TCG 3-card fun packs (they contain three common cards, one of which is a reverse holo)

  • 2 Pokémon coins

  • 2 Pokémon sticker sheets

  • 1 sidekick dangler featuring Pikachu and Glaceon

  • Plus, find a code card for Pokémon TCG Live!

Who do we recommend the Calender to?

The lovely thing about this box is it has something for everyone. If you are a fan of collecting unique promo cards, then you have a set of new snowflake-stamped cards. If you like to crack packs and try your luck at pulling some super rare cards, then there are plenty of packs for you. Even if you aren't a huge Pokemon TCG fan, the coins and keychain dangler are adorable collectables. Naturally, a lot of value is placed in the promos and packs so, if you enjoy this aspect, you will love this product. 


It is also worth noting that the format of this box is a unique selling point in itself. Having an actual advent calendar style box with perforated doors to open each day is an experience that can't be found anywhere else, and spending the first 25 days of December with a little Pokemon treat each day is perfect for the young Poke-fans in your life (and maybe the slightly older ones too!).


How much does the Pokemon Advent Calendar cost?

As with most Pokemon TCG products, the Pokemon Advent Calendar can be picked up from the Pokemon Centre for the RRP of £44.99. However, if you are looking for a festive discount, then many stores will be slightly under this RRP, including us!

Pokemon Advent Calendar contents spoilers


If you've scrolled down this far, then we're assuming you want to see the exact promos and packs you will be getting in the Pokemon Advent Calendar, so here you go:


  • 8 foil Pokémon TCG cards with a festive snowflake stamp:


Pokemon Advent Calendar 2023 Promos 1

Pokemon Advent Calendar Promos: Pikachu, Cryogonal, Snom and Glastier.

Pokemon Advent Calendar 2023 Promos 2

Pokemon Advent Calendar Promos: Vulpix, Glaceon V, Glaceon Vmax and Stantler.

  • 5 Pokémon TCG booster packs (2x Fusion Strike, 1x Scarlet & Violet, 2x Paldea Evolved)

  • 7 Pokémon TCG 3-card fun packs (they contain three common cards, one of which is a reverse holo)

Pokemon Advent Calendar Packs

Pokemon Advent Calendar Packs: Standard boosters and ‘3-card fun packs’.

  • 2 Pokémon coins

  • 2 Pokémon sticker sheets

  • 1 sidekick dangler featuring Pikachu and Glaceon

Pokemon Advent Calendar stickers and coins

Pokemon Advent Calendar Accessories: Sticker sheets, coins (featuring Vulpix and Snom) and keychain dangler.

Closing thoughts

Overall, we think The Pokemon Holiday Advent Calendar would brighten up any Pokemon lover's festive period, and has a mixture of items inside that are bound to please. The product is solid value for money in terms of the values of the contents but, again, part of the intangible value is having a wonderful festive themed box to make your way through during the holidays with your loved ones!

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