Looking for a one-of-a-kind deck box for your card game nights? Look no further than the Academic 133+ XL, the ultimate premium deck box that can hold 133+ double-sleeved cards in extra thick inner sleeves plus all your gaming accessories.

With its innovative design and versatile features, this deck box is a must-have for any player. And now, the long-awaited retail version includes a premium acrylic compartment divider, two removable hidden drawers with magnetic flaps, and extra slots for even more accessories.

Plus, the CONVERTIBLE system allows you to save table space by clipping the removable cover to the bottom. With powerful magnets and an innovative closing mechanism, the Academic 133+ XL is the perfect addition to your gaming setup.

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: The Academic 133+ XL can store cards, other deck boxes, tokens, dice, Slide Card Cases, Toploaders, sleeved oversized cards, boosters, Life Counters, or Cube Pockets 15+.

  • Premium multifunctional deck box perfect for Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and many standard-sized games. Ideal for Flesh and Blood
  • Designed for 133+ double-sleeved cards in extra Thick Inner Sleeves plus accessories
  • Extra slot for sleeved oversized cards, boosters, Life Counters, Toploaders, Slide Card Cases, or Cube Pockets 15+
  • Removable acrylic compartment divider that can be easily moved to another slot, offering seamless space for deck boxes
  • Top section for additional accessories, cards, tokens, dice, Life Counter, Toploaders, or Slide Card Cases
  • 2 removable drawers with revolutionary magnetic flaps that guarantee effortless pulling-out
  • Drawers can each hold 40+ double-sleeved cards (or 52+ single-sleeved cards). Ideal for Flesh and Blood Blitz decks.
  • CONVERTIBLE System: The removable cover clips onto the bottom
  • Powerful magnets along with the innovative locking mechanism ensure a secure closure
  • Premium materials: Nexofyber surface and selected microfiber inner lining
Qty available: 1

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