March of the Machine promises us a conclusion to the 4 part Phyrexian arc that was started with Dominaria United. Elesh Norn uses her army of machines to attempt the compleation of her plan for a New Phyrexian take over.

With 5 different 3 colour Commander decks and 10 all new Planechase cards per deck, we know this is going to be one hell of a set. It is always exciting when the big commander product is released each year and this year is no different. Don't forget that each deck also comes with a 2-card collector booster sample pack! In total, you will get your hands on:

  • Call for Backup
  • Cavalry Charge
  • Divine Convocation
  • Growing Threat
  • Tinker Time

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For 1x MTG: March of the Machine - Commander Decks Set of 5

Qty available: 1

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