Mystery Boosters are a special MTG Set that captures some of the most  interesting Magic the Gathering Cards in it's history and couples it with new never before seen cards. Each pack is full of some crazy card combos. You have to get some to truly appreciate the fun of these boosters.

One Mystery Booster Pack factory sealed containing 15 cards.

The Mystery Booster set contains 1694 cards reprinted from all throughout Magic's history, dating as far back as 1996 and is designed to provide a fun and varied chaos draft experience!

Each Booster pack contains:

  • 2 White commons or uncommons
  • 2 Blue commons or uncommons
  • 2 Black commons or uncommons
  • 2 Red commons or uncommons
  • 2 Green commons or uncommons
  • 1 Multicolored common or uncommon
  • 1 Artifact/land common or uncommon
  • 1 Pre-M15 card
  • 1 Post-M15 rare or mythic
  • 1 Foil card not from the set's 1694 card list


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