The Brothers War is an MTG Set that brings us the continuation of Magic the Gathering's sibling war between Urza and Mishra. This Draft Booster Box and Bundle combo provides any collector with a fresh stock of MTG Cards to enhance their collection or build their latest MTG Deck.

For an MTG: The Brothers War Draft Booster Box containing 36 Draft Booster Packs,

and an MTG: The Brothers War - Bundle containing:

  • 8 The Brothers War Set Boosters
  • 1 Traditional Foil promo card with Bundle-exclusive alternate art
  • 40 basic lands (20 Foil, 20 Non-Foil)
  • 1 Spindown life counter
  • Reusable card storage box (Super handy for keeping your set's separated themed boxes)

Does not come with the Buy a Box Promo.

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