Fallout has been a games franchise phenomenon for decades with a cult-following that rivals any big name fan base. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of crazy creatures, bizarre robots and scarce surviving humans living off the nuclear ridden remains of America. 

Magic The Gathering – Fallout celebrates elements of all Fallout games since 1997 and represents the first "modern view" of some of the classic Fallout games, including updates to characters and settings from Fallout and Fallout 2. We hope to pay homage to Fallout's high-energy, high-action, post-nuclear RPG roots. Whether you join the side of some of Fallout's most infamous characters or choose to play as a Vault survivor fighting gangs of raiders, super-mutants, irradiated monsters, and pre-war robots, life in the wastes won't be easy!

In the mood to scavenge for some great new treatments? This set has Collector Boosters with Booster Fun options every topsider can enjoy. First is the showcase Pip-Boy treatment found on 26 cards. Of those, 9 are reprints with alternate card titles and new art. This treatment can be found in non-foil, traditional foil, and surge foil.

  • SCAVANGE THE WASTELAND’S MOST S.P.E.C.I.A.L. CARDS—Get Collector Boosters full of Rare cards, special Fallout alt-art, alt-frame cards, and a total of 6–7 Extended-Art cards
  • HOLD ONTO ANYTHING SHINY—Every pack contains 12 cards with a foil treatment that will gleam in the harsh light of the nuclear wastes, including 3–10 special Surge Foil cards with a rippling shine—it’s tomorrow’s technology today!
  • CONTENTS—12 Magic: The Gathering - Fallout Collector Boosters, with 15 MTG cards in each pack

*This is a pre-order product with a 8th March 2024 release date. Please place a separate order for available items and items with a different release date or they will be held until all items are available to be shipped together. Thank you!*

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