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Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks are some of the hottest MTG products in recent times. Combining the immense franchises of Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop: Warhammer 40k to provide the world with 4 Commander Decks themed around 4 armies. Whether your preference is Chaos, Tyranids, Necrons or the noble Imperium, there is something for everyone and the MTG Cards within are incredibly powerful. 

For all 4 MTG: Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40K - Commander Decks:

  • Tyranid Swarm (green-blue-red)
  • Forces of the Imperium (white-blue-black)
  • Necron Dynasties (mono-black)
  • The Ruinous Powers (blue-black-red)

Please leave a note on your order if you are a sealed collector or if this is a gift, we will take extra care to keep the WotC tape intact and the outer box in good condition.

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