Paldean Fates kicks off 2024 with a glistening spotlight on all things shiny! After popular Special Sets of Crown Zenith and Pokemon 151, The Pokemon Company have produced a truly incredible Scarlet and Violet set for fans of Shiny Pokemon. 

With headline Pokemon: Mimikyu, Dondozo, Tinkaton, Ceruledge and, of course Pikachu, The artwork and collectability of this set is sure to be off the charts. And that's not all. We have been told to expect: 'more than 130 Shiny Pokemon', 11 of which will be shiny ex and 3 illustration, 8 special illustration and full-arts galore!

A brand new product type for Paldean Fates is the Tech Sticker Collection. This new collection contains one of 3 canine Pokemon (Fidough, Greavard and Maschiff) on a Promo card as well as in tech sticker form and 3 Paldean Fates packs to top it off! Great value and a fab new product.

It doesn't end there either! A full range of amazing products are available in this incredible set: Tins, Mini Tins, Premium Collections, Tech Sticker Collections and of course Elite Trainer Boxes! Check these all out on our page for the Paldean Fates Collection!

Each Tech Sticker Collection contains 3x Paldean Fates packs, a promo card and a tech sticker.

For 1x Paldean Fates - Tech Sticker Collection (choose your selection in the drop down menu).

Qty available: 9

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