This Pokemon sticker sheet contains stickers from 9 of Pokemon's best-loved Pink and Purple Monsters. This licensed sticker sheet is full of these Pokémon's various characterful expressions and shows many action shots of each Pokemon's movement.

Contains 37 individual stickers; 4 x Jigglypuff, 4 x Ditto, 4 x Clefairy, 4 x Gengar, 3 x Sylveon, 3 x Espeon, 3 x Goomy, 3 x Alolan Ponyta, 3 x Slowpoke and 6 x various Pokéballs.

Sheet size: 205mm x 90mm (or 8inch x 3.5inch)

The Pokémon: 4 Size Sticker Sheet - Pink/Purple is imported from Japan, originally sold by The Pokemon Center JP. Dispatched from the UK with no additional charges!

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