These acrylic Star Wars: Unlimited Premium Tokens are designed to enrich gamers’ experience! One token set comes with 55 individual pieces. Every token is inspired by iconic elements from the Star Wars™️ galaxy. The set of 55 tokens includes:

  • 1x Initiative Counter
  • 5x Modifier [+1/+1]
  • 3x Modifier [+0/+1]
  • 5x Modifier [-1/-1]
  • 3x Modifier [+1/+0]
  • 15x Damage Counter [1]
  • 5x Damage Counter [5]
  • 2x Damage Counter [10]
  • 5x Experience Token
  • 5x Reminder Token
  • 4x Shield Token
  • 2x Epic Action Counter

*This is a pre-order product due to release in March 2024. Please place a separate order for all available items and items with a different release date, or all items will be held until everything is available for dispatch. Thank you!*

Qty available: 2

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