Ancient Guardians is a YuGiOh Card Set that brings to YuGiOh! the new archetypes: Ogdoadic, Solfachord and Ursarctic. In this Ancient Guardians Booster Pack the Yugioh Cards you could pull include: Dinowrestler Pankratops, Trade-In and Skull Meister. 

This 60-card booster set introduces 3 brand-new strategies along with older cards that enhance them. As in Toon Chaos and Genesis Impact, 15 cards from the set will also be available as Collector’s Rares, and these will include a mix of new cards and older favourites.

  • A new Graveyard-based strategy rises to the occasion! Ancient Guardians will also include hard-to-find older cards to help make your Graveyard rain with monsters so you can pit them against your opponent.
  • Pendulum Summon and compose a brand-new harmony! Pay close attention to the Pendulum Scales of your monsters and maximize your Pendulum Summons. 
  • A new theme with a spin on Synchro Summoning so cool it’ll send a chill down your opponent’s spine! The “Ursarctic” monsters thrive in negative temperatures that use a modified way to Special Summon Synchro Monsters. Instead of looking at the sum of the Levels of a Tuner and non-Tuner, you look at the difference between their Levels instead!

For one YuGiOh Ancient Guardians Booster Pack.

Qty available: 10+

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