The Grand Creators is a YuGiOh cards set that introduces new archetypes: Exosister and P.U.N.K. In these Yugioh card packs you could pull top Yu gi oh cards such as: Rite of Aramesir, Water Enchantress of the Temple and Torrential Tribute.

For a YuGiOh Grand Creators 1st Edition Booster Pack.

The Grand Creators wills 3 new strategies into existence and features a brand-new, World Premiere Spell Card for Inzektors, the winner of the 2020 Create-A-Card Project, selected by the Yu-Gi-Oh! community! In addition, 15 more cards, a mix of old and new cards, will become Collector’s Rares in this 60-card booster set.

The Grand Creators booster set contains 60-cards:

  • 10 Ultra Rares
  • 15 Super Rares
  • 35 Rares
  • 15 cards in the set are also available as Collector's Rares
    Qty available: 10+

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