Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves are the spiritual successor to the Supreme UX sleeves. Designed for your daily use, Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves combine precision engineering and high-quality materials with an additional focus on value. Meant as an everyday sleeve, Ultimate Guard CORTEX sleeves offer an attractive price point and also feature fully opaque backing, a perfect shuffle feel, and high-quality durability for those long gaming sessions.

  • Matte front
  • Extra high opacity
  • Great shuffle feel
  • Acid free, no PVC
  • 100 sleeves per pack
  • Thickness: 90 micron fronts, 120 micron backs

If you're unsure whether the Ultimate Guard Cortex Matte sleeves are right for you, then our in depth review may help! You can also see exactly how the Cortex sleeves fit with different inner sleeves in our Ultimate Double-Sleeving Guide.

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