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Ultra Pro Eclipse 2-Piece Deck Box Review

Written by Andrew

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The Ultra Pro Eclipse range is designed to be simple, functional and look nice - all without burning a hole in your wallet. Does the 2-Piece Deck Box fit this bill, and how does it differ from the Eclipse PRO deck box? We'll be answering all of this and more, below. 

How well made is the Ultra Pro Eclipse 2-Piece?

The Ultra Pro Eclipse 2-Piece consists of 2 halves: a storage compartment and a slide on lid. Both halves are injection moulded with polystyrene into a slight trapezoid shape, with sloped sides to enable the lid to slide on and off with ease. The thickness of the 2-Piece starts at 2mm and gets thicker towards the bottom of the storage compartment, whereas the lid is a constant 1.7mm throughout. 


When the lid is on, a rigid and sturdy shell is formed. Though strong enough to withstand reasonable impacts, the plastic is not the same heavy duty stuff found in Ultra Pro’s Satin Tower and Satin Cube. This thin plastic will crack and break if dropped from a height or crushed with enough force. To add to this, the plastic is easily scratched and marked through regular usage which detracts slightly from its otherwise beautiful looking aesthetic.

Showing the assembled and disassembled 2-Piece Deck Box as well as the ridges for stacking.

The Eclipse 2-Piece: assembled, separated, and the in-built ridges for stack-ability.

The design itself is a simple one, consisting of just the aforementioned 2 halves - no locking mechanism, no frills of any kind. The only ‘feature’ to be found are the raised ridges on the top and bottom of the deck box so that 2-Piece Deck Boxes can be easily and securely stacked together. 

All in all, for such a simple deck box using simple materials, the Eclipse 2-Piece is built with precision and looks fantastic in any of the expansive 12 colour range. We can give this a solid 6/10 for build quality and toughness.

Will the Eclipse 2-Piece keep your cards secure?

We should start this section by noting that the Eclipse 2-Piece was designed as a storage solution and without security in mind. That being said, we put it through all of our regular tests anyway. 


As always, we filled the deck box under review with 100 double-sleeved cards, flipped it upside down and began to shake with increasing amounts of velocity to find the breaking point of the closure. Considering the lid is designed to slide off with ease, we did not get very far with the 2-Piece and even the force of being upside down is enough to displace its contents. 


An unsurprising result which only confirms the 2-Piece’s intended function as a storage option for decks rather than a deck box to be taken out and about. We score this a lowly 1/10 for security.

Can you fit 100 double-sleeved cards inside?

The Ultra Pro Eclipse 2-Piece claims to fit 100 double-sleeved cards but this is where we hit a real bump in the road. We can overlook the 2-Piece’s lack of security due to its intended purpose as a storage solution, but we cannot overlook the fact that, at 66.4mm, it has the smallest storage compartment of any 100+ deck box on the market!


This restriction is sorely felt when we tested the fit of 100 double-sleeved cards in varying combinations of inner and outer sleeve. In over 2/3 of the sleeving combinations, the 2-Piece simply could not fit the 100 double-sleeved cards or the fit was so tight that we would not recommend it.  


The only saving grace here is it does fit 100 single-sleeved cards and 100 double-sleeved cards in Ultra Pro’s own inner and outer sleeves, which just so happen to be some of the thinnest sleeves available. To see exactly which sleeve combinations fit into the Eclipse 2-Piece then head on over to our detailed Deck Box Comparison Tool.

Is there anywhere for dice or counters?

As you would expect, this box is only designed for cards. It is a solid plastic box and so could well fit only accessories in it at home, but not if you intend on storing cards in it as well. 

If you are looking for an Ultra Pro deck box with space for accessories then check out the much loved Satin Tower.

A sample of the Eclipse 2-Piece colours

A sample from the Eclipse range of colours. There are 12 in total!

How much does this Ultra Pro Deck Box deck box cost?

The RRP of the Ultra Pro Eclipse 2-Piece is a reasonable £4.99. Slightly more expensive than its cousin the Eclipse PRO, but comfortably cheaper than Ultra Pro’s Satin range.

Closing Thoughts


Build Quality and Toughness  6/10
Storage 66.4mm - smallest space of any 100+ deck box 
Security 1/10
Price £4.99



Not to be confused with the Ultra Pro Eclipse PRO deck box, which is crafted from thin plastic and designed for everyday use, the Eclipse 2-Piece is made from thick acrylic for the purpose of deck storage.


From the materials used, to the way it looks, the Ultra Pro Eclipse 2-Piece is almost identical to its main rival - the Dragon Shield Strongbox. The main drawback of the Eclipse when compared to the Strongbox is the significant deficit in storage space - 66.4mm vs 71mm. 


Given this, to avoid any nasty surprises, we would advise using our comprehensive Double-Sleeving Guide to see if your preferred combination of sleeves are compatible with this Ultra Pro Deck Box before purchasing. As long as you know what you are getting, the Eclipse 2-Piece is a well made storage / indexing solution, and is bound to look great on your shelf at home.

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